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One arm planche - of the hardest statics skills in calisthenics in terms of technical execution. It brought me lot of headaches since I did my first attempts back in 2014. For many people it is considered as a skill that requires a lot of strength. However the complexity is mainly represented by the specific, tricky technique and not so much by the strength that needs to be applied.

This e-book contains everything you need to know about the one arm planche. The goal of this e-book is to explain the way I perform this skill, by giving you step by step guidance. You will have a safe and fast result as long as you follow the steps with patience and deliberate training.


Learn the fundamentals!

The correct technique is crucial. It is one of the first things you need to understand before trying OAP. I cover in detail how one arm planche should be performed.


Know the way. I give you different approaches that you can follow to get your OAP by safest and fastest way.


Bonus. Personal contact with me. By purchasing this product, you have a chance to ask me questions regarding the topic of the e-book. Contact me on my Instagram page @viktor_kamenov

About Viktor Kamenov

VK is calisthenics athlete with more than 10 years experience, mostly renowned with his statics skills and top achievements in calisthenics competitions. Since 2017 he has made many workshops around Europe and Asia. One of his passions is to share experience and help the people to build faster and safer progress.

What people often ask?

What is the product format?

After the purchase you will receive PDF e-book.


How strong should I be to start the program?

It is not maditory but I would recommend having one arm flag and straddle planche before starting trainig one arm planche. If you are still too far away from that level, then you can check my beginner planche program here

 What equipment do I need?

Only floor and your bodyweight 🙂

How I will receive the product?

By purchasing the product, the system automatically makes you an account on my site. Go to ‘’MY ACCOUNT’’ -> ‘’DOWNLOADS’’ and get your product.