You want to full maltese?

My e-book is designed for everybody who is struggling with their maltese progress!

Time for maltese gains?

Do you feel lack of maltese progress?

Nowadays it’s pretty rare to see perfectly aligned low maltese. Many athletes with more than 5 years planche experience  still feel weakness and never can truly reach their maltese limits in terms of form and hold. The root of that problem is wrong understanding of the technique and applying incorrect training methods.

This e-book is purely based on personal experience. I show my  deliberate methods for achieving that desired wide and low maltese. You will make great results as long as you follow the steps and train with consistency and patience.


What the product includes?


E-book contains 50 pages including program and covering all you need to know about the maltese. The program is divided into different difficulty levels - from average to advanced.


Videos for better understanding. In addition to the photos in the e-book, there are also related to the topic videos for better understanding.


Bonus. Personal contact with me. By purchasing this product, you have a chance to ask me questions regarding the topic of the program. Contact me on my Instagram @viktor_kamenov

About Viktor Kamenov

VK is calisthenics athlete with more than 9 years experience, mostly renowned with his statics skills and top achievements in calisthenics competitions. Since 2017 he has made many workshops around Europe and Asia. One of his passions is to share experience and help the people to build faster and safer progress

Train smarter!

How to perform proper maltese?

The e-book clarifies everything you need to know about proper maltese execution.
You will understand what is the difference between the most commonly seen high over protracted
maltese and the perfectly performed low maltese. All the technical theory about different grips is covered.

Warm up like a professional.

You will understand how to warm up for maltese and why it is so important for the progress.


Train like a professional.

I explain my main training approach. You will understand how I organise my trainings for maximum results.

Do the basics like a professional.

Additional to the theory of the attempts there are plenty of basic exercises that will help for achieving faster and smoother progress.


Minimize the mistakes during the process.

The fewer mistakes you do, the faster your progress will be. I have shown the main mistakes I made in the past that slowed down my progress.



What people often ask?

What is the product format?

After the purchase you will receive PDF e-book + videos of some exercises

How strong I must be to start the program?

It is perfect for everyone who can do at least 7-8 seconds of clean full planche.

What equipment do I need?  

For the 90 percent of the program you will use only floor and your bodyweight. For the other 10 percent you will need only 2 dumbbells, 1 olympic bar, 2 knee weight and 1 resistance band.


How I will receive the product?  

By purchasing my product, the system automatically makes you an account on my site. Go to ‘’MY ACCOUNT’’ -> ‘’DOWNLOADS’’ and get your product.